Recent decisions in 412i and 419 litigation

Recent decisions in 412i and 419 litigation

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Lance Wallach said...

Hartford Life and Annuities Lawsuits
Hartford Life and Annuities 419, 412i, 412(e)(3) Plans Lawsuits

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
To: Michael Kalen/HIG Simsbury@HARTFORD_LIFE
Subject: Re: 419 and Sales Goals
I don't believe timing is valid-none of the industry associations picked up on this. I also feel that we are ahead
of our competitors in understanding and reacting. I to have been receiving several phone calls about this and
understand the concerns. Your decision might be to issue 419A(f)(6) for the rest of this year, report on our
corporate returns, and just not issue anything new next year. The other answer could be allow the client
establish a 419(e) plan. We are at the mercy of our attorneys at this point. Dan M. said he could lose 5-10 mil in
premium if we don't make a decision by Friday. Charlie is also concerned. I would love suggestions on how to
go forward. The other issue that I am concerned about is how material advisor now effects the b/ds?

If we issue, we could be potentially hurting our relationships with our partners.

Please advise-I'll swing by before I leave tonight to discuss if you have time_

John A. Vaccaro
Chief Marketing Officer-Individual Life
Hartford Life
Telephone (860) 843-4250
Posted by Lance Wallach at 9:34 AM
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Monday, March 9, 2015
Hartford Life Insurance
Hartford life insurance company was emailed by lance wallach in 2002 warning that the insurance they put in 419 plans would be audited and problems and lawsuits and they did nothing. As an expert witness lance wallach has never lost a case. Google lance wallach.

412i, 419e plans litigation and IRS Audit Experts for abusive insurance based plans deemed reportable or listed transactions by the IRS.
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